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Fully qualified horticulturist with over 30 years of professional experience at growing and caring for plants.

We have a huge wealth of knowledge and would like to help you grow and improve your garden to make it that special place you will want to visit time and time again.

Other Services

Garden Consultations

We can visit you for a one off chat about your garden. We can discuss what you would like your garden to do for you, how you can achieve this and even draw up a time schedule, for when you can expect to achieve a 'finished result'.

Watering Systems

We can supply watering systems, whether it is for hanging baskets, pots, or planting under trees. All the pipework will be as discrete as we can make it. It can be left for you to connect a hose or we can fit a timer (highly recommended for hanging baskets).


Pete holds an NPTC licence to apply chemicals. We can apply weedkillers for your drive or your lawn, fungicides for Box Blight and also stem injection for Japanese Knot-weed. We supply all the equipment and chemicals to apply, for a fee per knapsack used

Garden Management

Let us guide you through the weekly, monthly or yearly jobs you need to be doing in your garden to make it and keep it looking as good as you want it to look.

We can draw up 'Jobs to do lists' for you or even for your gardener in order for you to keep abreast of things that need doing.

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